5 Kinds of Items You Can Order Direct From Japan

If your love for anime spills over into other aspects of Japanese culture you’re not alone. Maybe you can visit Japan to enjoy the sights and flavors for yourself! But for most of us, we have to find other ways to experience Japan at home.

Have you ever been watching a show, and your mouth starts to water at the sight of a perfect piece of cake, a delicious bento, or a hot bowl of ramen? I’m sure you’ve seen all sorts of Japanese sweets and snacks being eaten on the screen, and thought, “I need to try some of that!”

There are a few places online to order boxes from Japan, but you should try ZenPop! Japanese snacks are amazing, but there is a lot more stuff you can try as well!


Osaka, also known as “Japan’s kitchen.”

What is ZenPop?

ZenPop, located in Osaka, Japan, delivers boxes of select Japanese goods around the world. Packs are updated with new items monthly. All the boxes are under $30, and include free worldwide shipping. When you want a taste of Japan, it’s just a few clicks away.

5 kinds to choose from. Each pack is like a Japanese “fukubukuro” lucky bag, where you get a surprise mix of new items to try. But, you can see previews of what items, and how many are in each pack before you order one!

1. Japanese Sweets and Snacks


A Japanese conbini, aka snack heaven.

Maybe you’re familiar with Pocky, the chocolate covered sticks that come in a million varieties, or maybe you’ve seen pictures of weird Japanese Kit-Kat flavors like green tea, or wasabi! Beyond those though is a whole world of Japanese snacks to discover! The variety of gummy snacks alone is enough to make your dentist cry.

ZenPop Sweets Pack is filled to the brim with 14 or more full sized snacks with things like like chocolate, gummies, chips and more unique items you didn’t know existed. You’ll find newly released snacks, limited items, classic snacks, dagashi, and more. Like a munchie midnight conbini run, but delivered to your door anywhere in the world.

2. Japanese Ramen


A bowl of shio (salt) ramen is pure happiness.

Ramen holds a special place in the Japanese heart. Instant noodles are a popular meal and companies are always improving the quality and variety of noodles.

ZenPop Ramen Pack includes 9 big bowls of instant noodles. It features favorites like Tonkotsu, Shio, Shoyu, and Miso Ramen, but you’ll also find varieties of Udon, Soba, and Yakisoba to try. They are easy to make and with a little sprucing up, you’ll have as close to an authentic bowl of noodles as you could in Japan. Eat like a salaryman!

3. Japanese Ramen & Sweets!


The cutest food you can get!

If you can’t decide, you can just get a little bit of everything. A little bit of salty and a little bit of sweet. Enjoy a cute Japanese cookie after a bowl of noodles and call it a good day.

ZenPop Ramen + Sweets Mix Pack includes 2 to 3 Noodle bowls AND 6 to 8 sweets and snacks. And it’s the cheapest pack too! A perfect way to try some new things from Japan.

4. Japanese Beauty and Cosmetics


Beauty products for days.

Next to conbinis, drugstores are probably the most common store you’ll find in Japan. And one of the main items you’ll find there is cosmetics. The cosmetic industry in Japan is innovative and competitive, which means lots of great products are available for all!

ZenPop Beauty Pack contains 8 or more items like makeup, skincare, face masks, bath goods, accessories and more cute stuff. All picked by ZenPop’s Japanese staff in the know.

5. Japanese Stationery


Walking into a shop and suddenly you need all the pens!

Stationery in Japan seems to come in endless varieties. Some are just cute and others are ingenious. Japanese pens are famous for their quality and innovation. Studying is taken so seriously in Japan so there is always convenient and cool stuff being made for students.

ZenPop Stationery Pack contains 12 or more items and has a subscription option. If you are a student, or just like having useful crafty items around, getting new pens and pencils and more things like cute stickers every month will make you happy (and productive)!

What’s in the boxes?

Each box comes with English descriptions of the items, and the food boxes come with allergy information too. Check out some samples of what you can find in each box.

Sweets & Snacks


A sampling of Japanese flavors in varieties of sweet, savory and spicy.


Varieties of gummy candies in a Sweets Pack.


Or classic snacks like senbei (rice crackers) and unique flavors like matcha chocolate.


Various noodle bowls and snacks together in a Mix Pack.



An assortment of delicious noodle bowls in the Ramen Pack.



Pens, pencils, notepads, washi tape and more stuff in the Stationery Pack.


High quality Japanese goods in a Stationery Pack.



Popular skin care and bath goods in a Beauty Pack.


Cosmetics and more in a Beauty Pack.

The easiest way to get authentic goods direct from Japan!

ZenPop is a service from ZenMarket. ZenMarket is used by thousands of customers to buy from Japanese shops and auctions. But sometimes you don’t know exactly what you want, and finding good stuff can take time. ZenPop is just a way to make shopping from Japan as easy as possible. With a few clicks, a box of authentic Japanese goods can be on it’s way to you. No membership required, no shipping fees, and no subscription needed. Just order once and wait for your little pieces of Japan to get delivered to you. Itadakimasu!

Try ZenPop now.

You can visit ZenPop on social media to see more pictures, get previews of new packs, and snag the occasional coupon.



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