Five Figure Fridays – Saint Seiya

As we journeyed through myth and legend of Saint Seiya, we found a few forgotten treasures! Join us and let us see what we found, together!

Saint Seiya Art Rinkya
It was a time of trouble and great adventure! A time of heroes and gods. It is here that we begin our journey through myth and legend! The Saint Seiya series, by Masami Kurumada, takes us on a journey with the goddess Athene and her guardians and warriors, the Saints, as they battle the evils that threaten our world. The original series debuted in 1986. Since 1986 we have had three original video animations, six feature movies, and an official manga prequel/sequel that is currently ongoing. Beseeched by the muses we have gathered these five figures for you!

5. Saint Seiya Bandai Saint Cloth Myth EX – Capricorn Shura God Cloth Figure

Saint Seiya Bandai Saint Cloth Myth EX - Capricorn Shura God Cloth Figure Rinkya
We are starting with a figure from Bandai and their Saint Cloth Myth EX line. Bandai released this figure of Capricorn Shura in April 2016. Shura is a die cast, PVC and ABS made figure. This 18 cm (7.02 inches) tall figure is highly poseable and allows you to recreate all of your favorite scenes from the series. If you acquire this package, you will get a main figure, a Saint Cloth set, 4 different expression parts, bang parts, and 10 hand attachments. Shura’s cloth can be rearranged into his Object form. You will also get a stand for the said form. Own it for only about 11,210 yen (~99 US dollars).

4. Saint Seiya Bandai Saint Cloth Myth Hades Figure

Saint Seiya Bandai Saint Cloth Myth Hades Figure Rinkya
On our number 4 spot we have a figure of the god of the underworld himself, Hades! Based on the fan surveys, this Hades figure was the most requested Saint Seiya Saint Cloth Myth figure until its release in May 2013. This figure of Hades is 16 cm (6.24 inches) tall and is made from ABS and PVC. The articulate figure features a number of interchangeable face parts, a special frame, a deluxe stand, wing accessories and a sword accessory. This Bandai gem can be yours for about 19,430 yen (~173 US dollars).

3. Saint Seiya Bandai Saint Cloth Myth Athena Figure

Saint Seiya Bandai Saint Cloth Myth Athena Figure Rinkya
Following that Hades figure, it is only fitting that the next figure on our list is going to be of the humanity’s protector in the series, goddess Athena. Like Hades she is a part of Bandai’s Saint Cloth Myth line. The figure was released in December 2013. Athena is a die cast, PVC and ABS figure that is 16 cm (6.24 inches) tall. The figure is poseable and she comes with a main figure body, her God Cloth set, original image cloth part set, a shield, a priest’s staff, two different expression parts, a stand that has “Athena” written in Greek on it and a frame set for the Object form. Her God Cloth is just done in exquisite detail and it faithfully reproduces the look from the original manga. This figure can light up your collection for about 21,170 yen (~188 US dollars).

2. Saint Seiya Tsume Art HQS Dragon Shiryu Statue

Saint Seiya Tsume Art HQS Dragon Shiryu Statue Rinkya

Next place on our list belongs to a statue of Dragon Shiryu that comes from the magnificent Tsume Art and their High Quality Statues line! This statue of Shinryu is simply a sight to behold. Shiryuu is shown here using his One Hundred Rising Dragons technique. True, only 12 dragons are shown but each one is masterfully sculpted in great detail. It just shows that Muhammet Ay is truly a force to be reckoned with when it comes to sculpting. The nuanced colors of Guillaume Hémery bring the quality of this figure to an even higher level. This 1/6 scale 38 cm (14.82 inches) tall statue was made from polyresin, polystone and PVC. Only 1200 of these masterpieces were made and you can own one for about 181,950 yen (~1618 US dollars).

1. Saint Seiya Tsume Art HQS Shaka Virgo Statue

Saint Seiya Tsume Art HQS Shaka Virgo Statue Rinkya
And the top spot on our Saint Seiya list goes to another statue by Tsume Art! This time we have a statue of Shaka Virgo that was released in August 2014. Sculpted by the absolutely fabulous creative team of Muhammet Ay and Guillaume Hémery, this figure stands as a true piece of art. Muhammet Ay’s attention to detail and his incredible skill bring Shaka Virgo to life with an amazing accuracy and faithfulness to the source material. Guillaume Hémery also brought his A game with the colors as they nicely complement Ay’s sculpting, infusing the statue with both an awe inspiring and frightening feel. Indeed, a statue truly worthy of the saint that is closest to being a God. Shaka is shown using his Tenkūhaja Chimimōryō while sitting on a large pearl with the ghosts moving against his enemies! This image is inspired by the 8th episode of the Hades arc! There were only 600 pieces of this 1/6 scale, die cast, polyresin and polystone made. Shaka stands (sits in this case) 36 cm (14.04 inches) tall. This statue can be yours for about 309,723 yen (~2712 US dollars).

There we go, another journey successfully undertaken! We hope we helped you find some figures that will bring the power of cosmo to your collection!

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