Mega Miracle Force Smartphone Game Featuring Compile Heart Characters Previewed in Video

Compile Heart began streaming the first promotional video on Thursday for Idea FactoryNTT Plala, Zoo, and Axell’s Mega Miracle Force smartphone game.

Mega Miracle Force will launch in late January. Pre-registration is available now.

The game is a battle simulation RPG where players can create a party of characters to command on the battlefield. Most of the characters who appear in the game will be from games ethat Idea Factory‘s Compile Heart subsidiary developed: Neptunia, Monster Monpiece, Fairy Fencer F, Omega Quintet, Trillion: God of Destruction, Tokyo Clanpool, and Death end re;Quest. However, the game will also feature characters from other Idea Factory titles such as Spectral Force and Generation of Chaos. The game is part of a celebration of Idea Factory‘s 25th anniversary.

In the story of the game, the player character falls from a shooting star and meets Neptune (voiced by Rie Tanaka) and Croire (voiced by Mika Kanai), both originally from the Neptunia series. The player characters have amnesia, so Neptune suggests they go on an adventure to recover their memories.

New characters include self-styled goddess An (voiced by Yuki Nagano; first image below) and Alto/Aina (Ippei Matuoka/Atsuko Kato; second and third images below), antagonists with the same summoning power as the player character.

The iOS and Android game will be free to play with in-game purchases.

Source: Compile Heart‘s YouTube channel

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