New Song Features Boy Versions of the Japanese Alphabet

Personified Japanese alphabet boys sound and look surprisingly good.

Hiragana Danshi music video

Promotional image for Hiragana Boys. Design by Yukiko Horiguchi.

Japan is an expert at turning things into cute girls and boys. Their entire subway system has cute girl mascots. There are anime about cute girl soda cans and cute girl WWII-era guns (we have an entire list here). Okay, maybe the trend leans slightly towards the female side. But a new video shows off some cute boys doing what Japan does best: looking cute and representing the last thing you’d expect.

The new video features the Hiragana Danshi (Hiragana Boys), which are — you guessed it — cute boy versions of the Japanese phonetic alphabet. The boys sing “#ray of rain” as they dance around in full 3D glory thanks to MikuMikuDance. Directed by ariNO, the video features A (voiced by Yūki Kaji), U (voiced by Taichi Ichikawa), and No (voiced by Shougo Yano).

The Hiragana Danshi were designed by Yukiko Horiguchi and were born out of the Japanese variety show, iChara. This music video was released as a promotional video for their upcoming mobile game, which is a dating game, where you can woo a boy-letter by solving Japanese word puzzles.

Hiragana Boys Ray of Rain MikuMikuDance

Source: Crunchyroll via Ota-suke.

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