Top-Selling Animation DVDs in Japan: 2018

This list covers sales surveyed from December 11, 2017 to December 9, 2018. Game Center CX DVD-Box 14 sold 24,199 copies to rank #64 on the overall DVD chart. The stage production Touken Ranbu Jo-Den Mitsura-Boshi Katanagatari sold […]

Top-Selling Media Franchises in Japan: 2018

This list covers sales surveyed from December 11, 2017 to December 9, 2018. It includes the raw yen totals of Blu-ray Discs, DVDs, music CDs, novels in print, and manga in print, but not games, […]

Twitter Trend Awards Reveals Top Trending Anime Words for Each Month in 2018

Every year, the Twitter Trend Awards give out a prize to the most-tweeted words on the social media platform. Last year, Kemono Friends was dubbed Anime of the Year, leading to director TATSUKI accepting the award while wearing a penguin […]

Shonen Magazine Edge Issue Featuring Hypnosis Mic Manga Debut Sells Out

The official website for Kodansha‘s Shonen Magazine Edge magazine revealed on Wednesday that the magazine’s January 2019 issue (seen right), which contains the debut chapter of Yūichirō Momose and Rui Karasuzuki Hypnosis Mic: Before the Battle – The Dirty Dawg manga, has […]

Top-Selling Animation DVDs in Japan: 2018

2018 Detective Conan film sells 41,994 + 23,208, followed by Totoro, Mary and The Witch’s Flower, Game Center CX, Touken Ranbu stage production This list covers sales surveyed from December 11, 2017 to December 9, 2018. Game Center CX DVD-Box 14 […]

Kemono Friends 2 Producer Claims Anime Studio Targeted for Harassment

Kemono Friends 2 animation producer Shinnosuke Numata posted a tweet on Friday revealing that the anime production studio Tomason has been receiving various forms of harassment ever since it was revealed that they were working on the project. どなたかわかりませんが… 勝手に僕の名前と会社の代表メールアドレスを使い、様々なサービスに登録をしている方がいます。 […]

Touken Ranbu Gets New Musical in Fall 2019

The official website for the Touken Ranbu musicals announced on Sunday that the franchise will get a new musical in fall 2019. In addition, the site revealed that the Musical Touken Ranbu Higekiri Hizamaru Sōki Shutsujin 2019 (Higekiri and Hizamaru Riding […]

Funimation President: ‘We Tried to Renew Deal with Crunchyroll’

Last month, Crunchyroll and Funimation ended their cross-platform licensing partnership. The deal had enabled the two companies to share their catalog titles on each other’s streaming platforms, as well as license titles jointly. In an interview with Newsweek posted on Thursday, Funimationpresident Gen Fukunaga said […]

Academy Award-Nominated Animator Koji Yamamura Talks Style, Indie Animation in French Program

Animator Koji Yamamura‘s work is well known among indie animation aficionados and critics. He drew international acclaim for his 10-minute piece Mt. Head (Atama-yama) which took home the short film award at Annecy International Animated Film Festival in 2002 […]

British Police Develop ‘Psycho-Pass’ AI to Predict Crimes Before They Happen

In a move straight out of the script of the dystopian sci-fi anime series Psycho-Pass, police in the UK have been developing an artificial intelligence that will predict how likely a person is to commit or […]