Oculus Rift Millionaire Interested in Funding Rem Side Story

The founder of the Oculus Rift is looking to fund an adaptation of a Re:Zero side story featuring Rem. For the purpose of needing “…more Rem in my life.”

Rem Cry

Screenshot from Re:Zero. White Fox.

Hey, Palmer Luckey. You might want to cover up. Your waifu is showing…

In a Tweet heard around the otaku community, Palmer Luckey – tech enthusiast, founder of the Oculus Rift, and crossplayer – has offered to fund more episodes of Re:Zero. Specifically, he is looking to animate the Re:Zero If Rem chapters of the light novel. As the name implies, the story is a what-if scenario that diverges from the main plot and focuses on Subaru and Rem running away together and its fallout.

Considering that Forbes states his net worth is at a full $730 million, he very well could afford to fund an adaptation of the novel. According to Anime News Network, a typical 13-episode anime cost $250 million yen (about $2 million USD) to make, and with the Rem-centric story only a single light novel long, it would be well within his means to fund it. It could even be made as a short OVA series.

For now, we’ll just have to wait and see if his offer is legit, and whether or not White Fox or Kadokawa will take him up on his offer if it is. Cause, honestly, I am sure he’s not the only one who could use more Rem in their lives…

Rem happy
Gif from Re:Zero. White Fox.

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