Live-Action Touken Ranbu Film’s Trailer Previews Theme Song

The official website for the live-action film of Nitroplus and DMM Games’ Touken Ranbu franchise began streaming the film’s trailer on Thursday. The trailer reveals and previews the film’s theme song “UNBROKEN (feat. Hotei Tomoyasu)” by Takanori Nishikawa. The film’s story centers on the historical […]

Touken Ranbu Gets New Musical in Fall 2019

The official website for the Touken Ranbu musicals announced on Sunday that the franchise will get a new musical in fall 2019. In addition, the site revealed that the Musical Touken Ranbu Higekiri Hizamaru Sōki Shutsujin 2019 (Higekiri and Hizamaru Riding […]