The 2016 Ranking For Japan’s Anime Pilgrimage Sites Released

Kimi no Na Wa and Koe no Katachi help get their prefecture into the top 5.

kimi no na wa comparison
Seichimap has published its 2016 list of the prefectures in Japan with the most anime ‘holy sites‘, or the real life locations that have been depicted in anime and manga. Depending on their popularity, these locations attract legions of fans on a ‘pilgrimage’ to see the inspiration behind their favorite works.

ranking list Source: PRTIMES

The list above shows Tokyo sitting comfortably in 1st place with 1712 locations, followed by the Kanagawa prefecture (371 location) in 2nd, Kyoto prefecture (269 locations) in 3rd, and Saitama prefecture (185 locations) in 4th. All 4 locations are shown to have maintained their previous rank from 2014.

The Gifu prefecture on the other hand has shot into 5th place, all the way from 10th, and is among the many locations which have shown a dramatically increased amount of attention from the anime and manga industry. The Gifu prefecture is home to many of the iconic locations featured in Kimi no Na wa. and Koe no Katachi, which no doubt played a part in the increase.

It has been reported that Hida City in particular has already been hit with a much welcomed surge of attention from Kimi no Na wa fans.

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