Top 13 Unsettling Paprika GIFs

Paprika, Satoshi Kon’s 2006 film, is full of astounding, sometimes disturbing, scenes. Here, for your viewing pleasure, are a few GIF images from the film that will make you question reality. Warning: Some are not for the faint of heart!

Paprika: Atsuko "Acchan" Chiba
Paprika is the late, great Satoshi Kon’s final feature film. It is based on Yasutaka Tsutsui’s 1993 novel, also called Paprika. The story follows a researcher and psychologist, Dr. Atsuko Chiba, as she uses an experimental technology called the DC Mini to enter people’s dreams. The original purpose of the technology is to help patients using dream therapy, but Atsuko soon runs into a nefarious plot set within the dream world. She must face this threat with the help of her colleagues and friends, which include Dr. Kōsaku Tokita, the inventor of the DC Mini; Dr. Toratarō Shima, her boss; and Detective Toshimi Konakawa, a client of the mysterious Paprika.

What is reality, and what is a dream? In Paprika, it becomes harder and harder to tell. Enjoy the dynamic energy of these GIFs, but be warned: if you’re not careful, it’s all too easy to get trapped in Satoshi Kon’s fabulous dream world!

Watch your step, Acchan!

Paprika: Atsuko "Acchan" Chiba
Atsuko falls, literally, into the sky. I would be shocked, too—even if it is just a dream.

Not everyone can fly like Paprika.

Paprika: Atsuko "Acchan" Chiba
Always with a smile, that girl. How admirable!

Mirrors can’t hide Paprika’s true emotions…not even in a dream.

Paprika: Atsuko "Acchan" Chiba
Paprika’s cheerful personality is one of her most distinguishing features. But even Paprika can get annoyed sometimes!

Now that’s some trick, Paprika. Don’t scare the TV reporter!

Paprika: Atsuko "Acchan" Chiba
Wouldn’t it be cool if we could actually dive into the TV like this? So many beloved worlds we could experience!

Toshimi “Tarzan” Konakawa and Atsuko “Jane” Chiba encounter an obstacle in their treetop journey.

Paprika: Atsuko "Acchan" Chiba, Toshimi Konakawa
Too bad dreams don’t always work out the way we want.

Detective Konakawa runs out of hallway.

Paprika: Toshimi Konakawa
Falling seems to be a theme in these dreams.

Who are all those people?! Are they…me?

Paprika: Toshimi Konakawa
So many bodies with the same face! Who is the real Detective Konakawa?

Detective Konakawa, frozen in shock.

Paprika: Toshimi Konakawa
This is one frightening parade.

Oh, no! Is there no escape from this nightmare?

Paprika: Atsuko "Acchan" Chiba, Morio Osanai
Dr. Morio Osanai falls victim to his basest instincts…

Wake up, Acchan! This is no time to be asleep!

Paprika: Atsuko "Acchan" Chiba, Morio Osanai
The problem with dreams is that everyone has the same amazing powers—even the villains.

Paprika gives Acchan some advice.

Paprika: Atsuko "Acchan" Chiba
It’s not crazy to talk to a reflection, if that reflection is as cool and friendly as Paprika.

Is this GIF beautiful? Or grotesque? Or both?

Paprika: Seijiro "Chairman" Inui, Morio Osanai
A swarm of blue butterflies bursts from Dr. Osanai’s head, which strangely shares a body with Chairman Seijiro Inui.

Dreams are illusions, but dreams can also feel very real. As these GIFs from Paprika clearly demonstrate, sometimes it’s best not to delve too deep into the bizarro world of dreams! Or you just might never wake up…

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