Top 15 Funny Naruto Memes

Naruto is filled with a variety of themes such as action, comedy, romance and a bunch of other ninja stuff. That diversity makes it the perfect inspiration for memes! Below is a collection of 15 of the funniest Naruto memes available for you to enjoy!

The third best-selling series in the history of manga and a world renowned anime classic, Naruto is known for its variety of fun and interesting ninjas, as well as their unique techniques. The franchise has gained a massive amount of followers, who all happen to love the series so much that they can’t help but express their passionate feelings all over the internet… in the form of Naruto memes, of course.

The “kidnapper” Itachi

Naruto Memes - 1

Kidnapping someone like a boss!

Some reverse psychology

Naruto Memes - 2

Sasuke’s got to do what he has to do.

Tobi theories everywhere

Naruto Memes - 3

Insert Tobi is Obito/ Madara/ Danzo/ Kabuto/ Rin / Itachi/ Orochimaru / Kaguya / Zetsu theories here.

Itachi’s sad life story

Naruto Memes - 4

Sucks to be Itachi… somebody give this guy a cookie!

Fillers everywhere

Naruto Memes - 5

Aside from its action packed story, the Naruto series is also filled with a lot of filler arcs… and by a lot, I mean around 70% of the series.

Shot to the heart!

Naruto Memes - 6

Probably the reason why Kakashi is still single.

The person that Naruto loves the most is none other than…

Naruto Memes - 7

We all know Naruto loves his ramen the most!


Naruto Memes - 8

The answer is plain and simple: because the series would end earlier if he did!

Flashbacks every now and then

Naruto Memes - 9

And aside from the many filler arcs in the series, Naruto is also known for having a lot of flashbacks. And it keeps on happening over and over again, often with the same flashback scenes.

Wonder what Tobi sees while wearing his mask?

Naruto Memes - 10

He definitely needs another mask!

Orochimaru being Orochimaru

Naruto Memes - 11

We gotta give it to this guy!

What is under the mask?

Naruto Memes - 12

Only these lucky people know.. Even the ramen guy Teuchi is blushing!

Energy-saving mode

Naruto Memes - 13

Not that Shikamaru is lazy, he just likes to save his energy!

Orochimaru: So call me maybe

Naruto Memes - 14

Works every time!

Do you wanna build a sandcastle?

Naruto Memes - 15

Somebody bring this guy to the beach!

I hope you enjoyed these funny Naruto memes!

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