Win a Chance to Get Married in an Actual Wedding Hall to a VR Waifu

Adult game developer ‘hibiki works’ is giving one fan a chance to have a VR assisted wedding in a Tokyo wedding hall to a character from their upcoming game, ‘New Wife: Lovely x Cation’.

new wife promo vr wedding
Otakus with an unwavering preference for 2D anime girls rejoice. Anime News Network (via Otakomu) is reporting that adult game developer ‘hibiki works’ is giving one lucky fan an opportunity to get married in an actual wedding hall to a character from their upcoming game ‘New Wife: Lovely x Cation‘.

With the aid of a VR headset running the “E-mote VR” character animation software, man and virtual woman will be united in a holy ceremony that will last all of 5 minutes.

The ceremony will take place within one of Tokyo’s 23 wards on the 30th June. Anyone living in Tokyo (or dedicated enough to make the journey) that’s interested can enter the draw by filling in a survey postcard that comes packaged with the ‘New Wife‘ game. Applications open from April 28 to May 28.

new wife game
The game itself also goes on sale from April 28, so check out the (slightly NSFW) official Japanese website for more details.

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